1000+ Beginner Programming Projects & Practice problems

In my previous post, I asked you to build CRAP and asked you to share your experience building them.  The replies were awesome.

As slightly more experienced programmers Randy, Nuno Franco and Sami shared their experiences in building their CRAP.  Look here, here and here.

As beginner programmers, Gorgy and Faraz shared their experiences too.  Look here and here.

Thank you guys.  Your inspiration will go a long way in inspiring a lot of other good minds to get started to program.

In a broad sense, I can see two sets of people.  One who have pulled their socks up and already begun building CRAP.  The next set still hasn’t figured out what to build, even though the sense of urgency to build something has grown within them.

Which category do you belong?  If you belong to the first category, congratulations.  You have taken the first crucial step towards becoming a Programmer.

If you belong to the second category, you still have that one crucial step to take.  But you still seem stuck with what to build.   No need to worry.  I have come up with a huge list of beginner programming projects / programming tasks (Aggregated from many sources) from which you can choose your first CRAP.  Most of these can be done in any programming language.

1000+ beginner programming projects & practice problems

So here we go with the list :

Martyr’s Mega Project Ideas (110 Projects)

Although there are a lot of projects that can be of interest to beginner programmers, I would not recommend certain projects and would advice user discretion while selecting those projects.  For eg.  I would not recommend starting with Projects classified under Networking, Threading and Graphics for beginners as their first project.  But do go for it if you reasonably confident that you can pull off.  I do not recommend those because I knew I wouldn’t have managed to do finish things for my first project.

Rosettacode.org Programming Tasks (500+ programming tasks)

This is a very comprehensive list of programming tasks.  It contains a combination of tasks and little games that you can build using your experience.  The great thing about this site is that if you are not sure of how to implement a solution, you can see the code in different languages.  But make sure that you attempt the problems before even trying to look into the code.


Project Euler (476 practice problems)

This is for math lovers.  However anyone can practice some of these problems to get a good grasp of numbers and how basically numbers operate with the computers.  I wouldn’t classify these as Projects because they are smaller in nature but they are still good enough to be a mild challenge to beginners.


Coding Bat (140+ practice problems)

This is for Java and Python.  This is an interactive website which allows you to type code into the browser itself and check for the solutions.  Again this is a series of small problems that can really give motivation to a beginner programmer.  There are multiple small problems to be solved which will help you to get good grasp of all the fundamentals of the language.

Beginner Projects in Reddit (22 Projects)

This is a good place to start with too.  It contains projects of normal, medium and high difficulty.  These can be coded in any programming language.

Beginner Projects list hosted in Github (93 Projects)

This page contains beginner projects and also links to code in Python, C++ and Javascript.  This is an implementation in different languages for most of the projects listed in Martyr’s Project Mega Ideas

Daniweb Crucial projects for beginners (5 projects)

This contains 5 projects which will prove quite handy when you are starting to program.  It tries to teach various basic concepts required in programming.

Code Abbey (122 problems)

This is similar to Project Euler, but without a lot of math in it.  Math is a part of it.  It contains wide variety of problems that are useful to the beginners.

Game Programming beginner projects (Python) - 49 Projects

If you love creating games in Python (Or any other language), this one is for you.  It contains simple games to more complicated ones.  You can choose a gaming project depending on the challenge level that is required.  And also you can create these games in other languages too if you wish.

Want crazy project ideas from the internet?

The Internet Wishlist

You will like this if you wish to become an app developer.  This web page contains a list of ideas that are generated by random people based on their thoughts and needs.  Some of the ideas include simple and utility ones like “I want an app for finding baby sitters”, imaginative ones like “I want a website that helps me figure out what to put in my recycle bin” or absolutely crazy ones like “I wish there was an app that projected your imagination into the open”.  It’s a fairly good read and it will give you an idea about different people’s tastes.  You may or may not choose a project from this, but going through this list will definitely help you spice up your imagination.

The Idea Machine

This website is similar to The Internet Wishlist in that it contains ideas randomly generated by random people.  A good read for improving your imagination.

Above Content is Aggregated from : Reddit.com, Quora.com, Google.com


My recommended projects for beginners


This is one of the most common beginner projects.  The reason being simplicity.  This not only gives you good grasp of the basics of programming most importantly how to use math operators/functions/libraries.  You can do this either using a GUI or in the command prompt using a menu driven calculator.  You can also go for a scientific one, if you need a higher level challenge.


  • Easy to build in any programming language
  • Teaches you basics of programming & problem solving
  • Usage of arithmetic operators / math functions and libraries
  • Teaches you code integration at a very basic level (when you try to do something like 6*8 + 20/5, you need to integrate different units together)
  • Teaches you to build basic GUI (In case you are building a GUI based calculator)

String Manipulation

This can contain a lot of sub-problems to solve like String comparison, Palindrome, Substrings, Splitting a sentence into individual words, Finding the number of occurrences of a word in a given paragraph, etc.  As a next step, why not build a GUI listing each option and whenever we click the appropriate button, it takes us to the appropriate functionality.


  • Teaches you problem solving w.r.t. strings.
  • Teaches you basics of string manipulation which you would use in mainstream development
  • Teaches you about string arrays

Reminder App

Why not build an application for setting reminders.  You have used a reminder app in your life.  Haven’t you?  Now go ahead and try to build that.  Try to understand how it works and try to implement it.


  • Teaches you about Date time manipulation
  • Teaches you about multi-threading
  • Improves your problem solving skills

Alarm App

This one is similar to the reminder app.  But you also get to play with multimedia files a bit.  Once you are done with a basic alarm, try changing alarm tones each time you hit the snooze button and the next time alarm rings.  And why not improvise a bit by playing a video file.


  • Helps you to understand threading better
  • Allows you to play with multimedia files.
  • Improves your problem solving and thinking

Simulator games of your favorite sports

Sports lover?  Why not try a simulator of your favorite sports.  There is a reason I am asking you build a simulator game instead of the actual game.  Making an actual sports game takes lot of work and it will be highly challenging for a beginner.  But a simulator game will be more easier and might motivate you to go further.  Start with something silly, for ex. a basic soccer simulator game.  Then try to expand it by applying the logic.  Think on the following lines.  How will you deal with two teams playing against each other like Argentina and Nigeria.  Which is the better team?  Which team wins more often?  How we can implement that logic inside code so that our simulator game more or less match the real world games.


  • Helps you with pseudo random number generation
  • Helps you to understand how real world problems can be comprehended into something the machines will understand
  • Improves your problem solving skills

Hope this post was helpful to you.  This is my small attempt at making lives simpler for you to get started and practice more.  So what are you waiting for?  Have you gotten started yet building your CRAP?  If not let me know.  I have got a big stick for you. :)

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Beginner programmers:  Did you try any of these projects? How did it work out?  What other projects would you recommend to your peers?

Experienced programmers: What other projects would you recommend to beginners?  What was your experience?

Do let me know in the comments section.

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